Best Early Black Friday Deals

The past two years, Black Friday has seen frustrations from supply chain backups to public health concerns, leading sales numbers to falter.  Retailers are ready to right the ship this year, many of whom are releasing Black Friday Pricing Early. Here are some of the best deals you should check out before heading to the stores after Thanksgiving.


Google is blowing out its stock of the Pixel 6a for Black Friday, which means you can get a premium Android experience on the cheap.  One of the most compelling Black Friday phone deals, its currently at just $299 unlocked.  If you want the bigger (and newer) Pixel 7, Google is also running a promotion for $100 off, selling at $499.  Samsung is also running Black Friday deals, including $350 off Galaxy Z Fold4, $150 off Galaxy Z Flip4 $225 off Galaxy S22 Ultra, and $150 off Galaxy S22 or S22+.  If you prefer an iPhone, you can currently get an iPhone 14 (which is normally $799.99) for $0 a month with an eligible trade-in and qualifying plan at AT&T.  And even though it’s not a Black Friday deal, the iPhone SE is always available for just $429 unlocked for 64GB models.


Dyson has released $150 off on their top-tier V15 Detect Absolute vacuum cleaner, which is a cordless model that has laser illumination and HEPA filter technology.  It comes with a longer two year warranty, a money back guarantee (extended for holiday returns), and free shipping.  Its two advanced cleaner heads make deep cleaning in homes with pets a breeze.  If you still want the cleaning power of a lightweight Dyson but are looking under the $500 price point, Dyson has lowered the price of their V8 Absolute from $499.99 to $349.99 for Black Friday.  Lastly, if you want more of a traditional, behemoth-style vacuum, the venerable Ball Animal 2 Total Clean is on sale for $399.99 from $599.99.  It’s powerful and lightweight, with hair de-tangling technology.  Dyson air purifiers are also on sale for Black Friday, so be sure to check out their deals.  Samsung is also running a host of vacuum deals, including $300 off Bespoke Jet Cordless Stick vacuums.


LG is currently running up to 35% off select appliances and a host of other deals with “Early Black Friday” savings.  The promotions they are running include up to $1,000 off select refrigerators, 35% off select ovens or dual-oven combos, 35% off select washers, up to 20% off select microwaves, and even BOGO (buy one, get one) fridge/freezer or compact fridge offers.  Be sure to check out their deals homepage for more information. 

Another Korean giant, Samsung, has a host of Black Friday deals as well.  For laundry, get up to $600 off select washers and dryer sets, starting at $549, or $1350 off their Bespoke Ultra washer/dryer combo.  Get $610 off ovens starting at $729, up to $1,200 off select refrigerators starting at $649, and a host of other great price deals on dish washers, microwaves, and more.


Lenovo doorbuster deals for Black Friday are already released and are quite impressive.  They include $700 off Thinkpad 11e Gen 5, meaning you can get it for just $189 with Windows 11 Home 64 and a solid state drive.  Lenovo offers a “Black Friday Price Guarantee” where they now state “Buy with confidence. The price on this item and others with the message won’t go lower through 11/25.”  You can get the 11e Yoga Gen6 for $329, which is $760 off.   Lenovo is also offering Black Friday deals on Chromebooks and the venerable Thinkpad.  ThinkBook 14 Gen 4 is $388 off totaling $582.60, and the ThinkPad E15 Gen 4 Intel is $681 ($454 off) with a Core i3 processor, 8 gigs of RAM, and a 256GB solid state drive.

In Conclusion

We hope you found our list of great Black Friday deals this season helpful.  Shoppers are continuing to learn that many retailers now offer their Black Friday deals online, ceasing the demand that shoppers stand in line outside of Best Buy for a deal.  Be sure to search around for the best price on whatever it is you’re buying before you pull the trigger.