Many Are Getting Healthcare Degrees Online

Across the nation, colleges are facing an enrollment crisis.  This has led universities and colleges to think outside the box about how to increase enrollment, including heavily boosting scholarships.  According to InsideHigherEd, institutions hungry for more students are increasing non-need-based aid by billions of dollars. With such assistance available, now is the time to get … Read more

Why Many Are Pursuing Online Degrees In Social Work

You’ve decided you want to make a difference in the World.  A great way to do that is with a degree in social work, which will prepare you for a challenging but meaningful career helping others.  A career in social work is great for people of all ages, in particular those who already have rich … Read more

Why People Are Getting a Degree Online

A college education is becoming increasingly helpful in our competitive economy to get ahead of the pack. Most Jobs Require A College Degree Americans without college degrees are getting left further and further behind in the workforce per the Washington Post, and their pay is abysmal. Additionally, the data shows that as economic recovery continues, … Read more

Why People are Pursuing Online Healthcare Degrees

An online degree from a College or University is faster, cheaper, easier, and more flexible, allowing you to work anytime, from anywhere, more important now than ever. Earn Up to $85,000 With An Associate Degree For people with an Associate’s Degree and accompanying certification, there exists a large number of high-paying healthcare jobs, which is … Read more