Aging-In-Place vs. Other Living Options For Older Americans

As people grow older, it can become difficult to perform the daily tasks life demands. Many seniors are reluctant to give up their freedom, however, whether it’s wanting to keep living on their own and caring for themselves, or keeping the keys to their car. The human desire for self-determination and making ones own decisions … Read more

Ways To Learn A New Language As An Adult

Learning a new language later in life is not as easy when you are a child. Children naturally soak up a language in their years as infants and toddlers, and the process of learning expression begins at just weeks of age. Children can even easily learn multiple languages at once if they interact in the … Read more

cat lying on blue rug

Where To Buy A Beautiful Rug

If there’s one thing that makes a home a home, it’s rugs. Often underappreciated and overlooked, a rug can tie a room together, turning a space from a cold and indifferent feeling dwelling space into your very own living room or bedroom. Now more than ever, the options for buying a rug are endless, from … Read more

10 Behaviors For Happiness

In Hermann Hesse’s novel Siddhartha, a wealthy Indian Brahmin sets out to find enlightenment. What he discovers reveals much of the knowledge agreed upon by modern psychologists such as Carl Rogers and Alfred Adler. Loneliness is a subjective concept; when you expand your idea of what you are as a person and what you are … Read more

Some Of The Best Television Dramas To Binge Right Now

After a long week of work, stress from traffic, and rambunctious kids that won’t settle down, sometimes you just want to unplug and watch some good ol’ television. Viewing habits have certainly changed, with more and more people opting for streaming services instead of cable or broadcast TV. This has given rise to more binge-able … Read more

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How To Choose A Bicycle

With the recent surge in popularity of cycling, many people are finding themselves wanting to buy a bike. Though not as intimidating as buying a diamond ring, a new car, or a house, there are still a lot of different choices to make when it comes to buying a bicycle, and the number of different … Read more

The Best Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Going to Starbucks or the local coffee shop every day can add up when it comes to your monthly expenses. Here are some of the best ways to make coffee at home, in a way that doesn’t have to break the bank, or your taste buds. You might be surprised just how easy it can … Read more

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Classic Books To Read When The World Is Closed

2020 presented a lot of people with numerous challenges, including difficulty figuring out how to work from home or manage social distancing at work in order to keep themselves and their families safe. Many people found themselves without their favorite pastimes, and were no longer able to go to the gym due to closures. And … Read more

How To Get A Great Deal On An Apartment Rental This Year

Apartment vacancies in the United States have recently soared to all-time highs for recent decades. With younger people leaving cities to move back home with their parents, and others moving to the country to escape crowds of people, many individual landlords as well as large apartment complexes are resorting to multiple months of free rent, … Read more