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cat waiting for food bowl

Cat Foods To Keep Your Cat Healthy

Many are surprised to learn that not all cat foods are created equal. When deciding what to feed your cat, fhe first question you need to answer is if you want to feed your cat wet food or dry food.  This is a large question because wet food smells more pungent, and also requires more frequent … Read more

cat in cone from the vet

Pet Insurance Options To Consider

Many pet owners ponder when they go to the vet whether or not they should have pet insurance. Unlike humans, pets are not required to have insurance, and most visits to the veterinarian are covered out of pocket. But, pets can get health insurance just like humans can. Pet insurance can help curb the costs … Read more

photo of dog in sailor shirt on the rug

Get Your Dog Registered As A Service Dog

Often times you may be out in public and see a dog wearing a “service dog” nametag. The service dog most people are familiar with is the dog who helps a blind person to see, and that is indeed a very important kind of service dog. But that is not the only kind of service … Read more

cat in pillow on chair

Things You Will Need When Adopting A Pet

2020 saw a surge in animal adoptions that has even led to shortages of homeless pets for people to adopt in some locations. If you are considering adopting a pet, congratulations! Having a dog or a cat at home is shown to help prolong the lives of humans (not to mention the life of an … Read more

cat going to the litterbox

Cat Litter Options To Keep Your House Smelling Fresh

If you’re considering getting a cat, you’ll want to be sure to get well acquainted with the different brands and types of cat litter that are available. Even if you already have a cat, many cat litter innovations in recent years (yes, they have those) have meant that cat owners don’t have to smell as … Read more