Flexible Part-Time Jobs For All Ages

These are some easy ways for anyone to earn good money with or without leaving home right now. Right now, more and more people are seeking part-time work to help get out of the house, be active in their community again, and help pass the time while making extra money. $1,000 per month extra can go a long way.

Private Driver with a Rideshare Service

One of the greatest benefits of driving for Uber or Lyft is you get to be your own boss, starting and stopping work whenever you feel like it. Nobody will tell you to work more. You can work how much or how little you want. There are no minimums. You get paid for every mile you drive a passenger, and for every minute they make you wait, should the need arise. In the past, Lyft has offered new drivers up to $2,500 to get started, so keep your eye out for new deals like this. If you have a 4-door vehicle that is 15 years old or less there is a good chance you can start driving for Uber or Lyft which now operates in a ever increasing number of locations.


Being a personal tutor can be a very rewarding and lucrative position. Many tutoring jobs start at $25 per hour and can reach over $100 per hour. A tutor will help children of all ages on subjects they may be struggling with, or in areas where they need extra assistance in preparing for a test, learning and retaining information, or keeping a healthy focus and enthusiasm towards their studies. Some tutors will specialize in a favorite subject like math or English, while others will help students with whatever assignments, projects, or homework they may need assistance with. Some will start out independently, while others may choose to work for a large tutoring company like Eye Level or Mathnasium.

Pet Sitter

Another simple and highly independent job is taking care of people’s pets when they go away. Travel is now on the rise once again, and people will be looking for you to take care of Fido or Mr. Whiskers. Pet sitting is a lovely job with good company on every visit out. Some people even designate one or more rooms in their home to board animals. Boarding is a preferred method for many pet owners whose animals may get nervous and lonely if left for too long. Earnings for pet sitters can also reach $25 per hour.

Small Retail Store and Grocery Stores

If you like meeting new people, and being around a lot of interesting products and activity, a job at a retail or grocery store may be for you. Many establishments also offer a discount on everything you purchase which can help cut down on your monthly expenses. Seniors may be leery of taking a job in store, and think it could be tiring, and involve a lot of heavy lifting. The good news is there are many establishments that would be very grateful to have a friendly and honest associate who can provide excellent customer service. Retail stores have some simple jobs too, like working as a cashier, bagging groceries, or greeting customers at the door and helping people find things. Pay has increased nationwide in recent years due to high demand, and now a customer host for Wal-Mart can start at as much as $18 per hour. These jobs can also provide great benefits like health, vision, and dental benefits, plus paid time off.

Part-Time Mail Carrier

Exercise and fresh-air come easy to this, the most common job in America. Did you know they have part-time positions too? That’s right, and a part job with the USPS or UPS can pay on average $37,000 per year which can really help make up for lost time. You could work at the post office and help sort the mail, help customers at the counter, or work a specific route and even delivery mail to people’s front door.


In addition to all of these, there are many high-demand opportunities available right now, such as working for Amazon as an order fulfillment specialist, working from Home as an Avon makeup Specialist, or even joining military reserves part-time. All of these jobs can help you earn some extra money, stay social, and be a more active part of your community.