Haul It All With Unsold SUV Pricing Offers

If there’s one thing that’s true throughout the ages, Americans love SUVs.  With station wagons and minivans long ago becoming passe, SUVs are the American vehicle of choice. Anyone who is looking for a new SUV, truck, or car might be aware that market conditions have been quite upset in the past couple of years.

So, what does this mean if you’re looking for a new vehicle?  Many people are resorting to paying sticker price.  A number of sources suggest that if you would normally buy a used car, this is actually the time to buy new, because the price differential has closed so drastically with used car prices catapulting 51%.  In light of this fact, here’s a look at some of the most attractive new SUV deals right now.

Buick Encore GX: $25,900

Buick’s Encore GX SUV starts at just $25,900, and packs a ton of punch for the price. It has a turbocharged motor and a 9 speed automatic transmission so that you can hum down the highway but also zip around town. It’s also leasing from some dealers right now for $199 a month for 24 months with $3,679 due at signing for qualifying leasees. Buick is also offering 3.9% APR plus no payments for 90 days for qualified buyers.  The Encore GX comes standard with 18 inch aluminum wheels, wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, an 8-inch infotainment system, and Buick’s Driver Confidence back up system. For a bit more space, the larger Envision starts at just over thirty grand.

Chevrolet Equinox: $25,800

Starting at $25,800, Chevy’s Equinox is an impressive SUV which couples eye-catching style with a versatile interior to maximize use of space. The optional RS package is a looker, with 19 inch dark wheels, black emblem package, LED headlamps, and red interior stitching. All Equinox models come standard with Chevy’s Infotainment System, which brings Apple Carplay and Android Auto capability right to your dashboard. And with a turbo 1.5L engine, the Equinox will scoot you along to wherever you need to go. Some dealers have been found with the Equinox offered at a $249/month lease deal for 36 months plus $2899 down.

An even more affordable option from Chevy is the smaller Trailblazer, starting at $22,100. With a reversible two-tier adaptable cargo storage system, the Trailblazer is deceptively accommodating for a small SUV; you can even fold the front passenger’s seat forward to slide in items as long as 8.5 feet. The 1.3L Ecotec motor and optional 18 inch wheels deliver a sporty feel and look around town.

Lincoln Corsair: $36,370

Though it’s not quite its Navigator big-brother, Lincoln’s Corsair offers a gorgeous blend of luxury, style, and size. With an optional turbo 295 horsepower motor, it is also no slouch, and you’ll easily take even some of the sportier offerings out there off the line. Right now, the Corsair is leasing for for $465 a month plus cash due at signing. For those who must have the King of the Road, the Navigator clocks in at nearly six thousand pounds, usually costing more than eighty grand.

Hyundai Venue: $19,500

For something a bit smaller than a HUMMER, look no further than Hyundai’s compact Venue, starting at just $19,500. Times have changed since the days of the late 1980’s Hyundai Excel; Hyundai now frequently tops quality ratings by J.D. Power. All Venue models include a touch screen with Android Auto or Apple Carplay. It gets 31 MPG combined, and is much more at home driving around town than trying to go off-roading (indeed, there is no four-wheel-drive). Right now Hyundai is offering the Venue for $199/mo on lease with $3,299 down, or 3.49% APR for 60 months. If you need a bit more space, the fashionable Kona starts at just $21,990, while the midsize Tucson SUV starts at $26,450. Need to seat 7 passengers and have a bit more money to spend? Be sure to check out the knockout Palisade, which gives Range Rover styling a run for its money, but starts at just $35,250.

GMC Terrain: $27,900

The outgoing model year of the Terrain starts at $27,900, getting a two-grand inflation bump in 2023.  Its distinctive exterior has LED head and tail lamps with GMC’s signature design.  A 9 speed automatic transmission and turbocharged motor mean that this SUV can deliver up to 29mpg on the highway.  GMC Pro Safety features give lane departure warnings and automatic emergency braking. GMC’s 7 inch infotainment system has smartphone compatibility, optional GM Onstar, and the ability to connect to Amazon Alexa.

If you need a slightly bigger American SUV, GMC’s Acadia starts at $34,800 and is built for families on the go, driving and handling much better than one would expect of a three-row SUV. The Acadia comes with sleek LED headlamps and a choice of turbo or V6 engines ranging from 193 to 310 horsepower. It has attractive square-jawed styling in the front, and despite its square-ish shape, can also get up to 29MPG on the highway with its turbo engine. Right now it’s leasing for $279 a month plus $3,869 down.

Nissan Rogue Sport: $24,960

Nissan has a handful of options under thirty thousand dollars. First, there is the all new 2023 Rogue, which starts just under $28k, and has brand new block-based styling that somewhat resembles the 1980s Pathfinder. For the savvy buyer looking for a deal, Nissan has a sleight of hand in store. Nissan is continuing to sell the previous iteration of the Rogue, calling it “Rogue Sport“, and giving a discounted price tag. Starting under $25k, the Rogue Sport is still a brand new SUV, with Nissan Intelligent Mobility GPS system, 141 horsepower, a flexible cargo area, and has optional all wheel drive. The CVT automatic transmission means you won’t have to row-your-own gears. For an even cheaper car, the Nissan Kicks gives the Hyundai Venue a run for its money, starting at $20,290 with up to 36 mpg on the highway and a 122hp motor.

Kia Sportage: $25,990

In the mid-1990s, Kia broke onto the scene in the USA with the highly affordable Sephia and the compact Sportage SUV. Like Hyundai, the days of Kias inducing embarrassment in schoolchildren are now long gone. The new Sportage, built right here in West Point, Georgia, pays design homage to Kia’s stunning all-electric EV6, a beautiful vehicle that looks like it just rolled off the concept-car auto show circuit. With all-LED lighting and a cornucopia of advanced interior technologies, the Sportage brings all the bells and whistles of upscale luxury vehicles to an affordable price point for Americans of all classes. Kia’s 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty and #1 JD Power vehicle dependability rating means you can buy with confidence as well.

Jeep Renegade: $24,965

Long a “renegade” in a World of body-on-frame SUV’s, Jeep is no stranger to unibodies, and the Renegade is just that. Like its XJ Cherokee forefather, the Renegade has legitimate off-road chops, especially when outfitted in Trailhawk trim. Options include hands-free entry, an infotainment system for Apple or Android with seven inch touch screen, and even a panoramic sunroof. The best part is that right now Jeep is offering great lease deals on last year’s entry Renegade models, from $149/month for 36 months with $3,899 due at signing. The Renegade starts at $24,965, or $30,270 in Trailhawk Trim.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Classic vs. New

In an emerging trend for Fiat Chrysler Automotive, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is now being sold in two guises. You can purchase the brand new “New Grand Cherokee“, a stunning vehicle the likes of which is only outdone by Jeep’s own new Grand Wagoneer (which stickers at a stunning $88,640). If you want to save some dough, however, Jeep is still selling the “old” Grand Cherokee, simply calling it “Grand Cherokee WK“, the WK designating that it is the older model. Lease rates on the 2023 Grand Cherokee are also quite attractive, with the New Grand Chrokee leasing at $259 a month for 24 months with $2,960 due at signing. Starting sticker prices only differ by about fifteen hundred bucks (with the WK starting at $37,375), but you may find dealers more willing to budge on the older models.

In Conclusion

If you know where to look, you can get a great deal on a new SUV. With the latest features, such as start-stop engine technology, having an SUV no longer means you have to empty your wallet into the gas tank. So look around, you might be surprised just how affordable the latest SUVs are, from this side of the Pacific and Japan.