How Aussies Are Finding Cruises Crazy Cheap

2020 was a terrible year for the cruise industry, and 2021 saw an extension of those challenges. Cruise companies are now resuming operations with the expectation of clear sailing ahead, and it’s a great time to catch a killer deal on a cruise

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For the last couple of years, most cruise ships have been sitting docked and collecting dust, while cruise companies have scrambled to gain access to capital and emergency loans to stay afloat. With the sun on the horizon, the cruise industry is relaunching, and its offering some very attractive pricing, even free drinks and WiFi, to lure customers back to the seas.

2-Night Sydney to Melbourne

The 2-night Australian Seacation cruise from $118USD pp (~AU$174) offered by Princess Cruises is a great option for travelers looking for a quick escape. This cruise departs from Sydney and takes passengers directly to Melbourne, down the Gold Coast. There are no port stops along the way. Onboard the ship, guests can enjoy a range of amenities, including multiple dining options, live entertainment, a casino, a spa, and fitness center. The Grand Princess features spacious staterooms, many with private balconies, and offers a variety of activities for passengers of all ages.

2-Night Sydney to Brisbane

A similar but different 2-night Australian Seacation Cruise aboard the Coral Princess also departs Sydney yet sails north to Brisbane. For $128USD pp (~AU$190) it promises a delightful getaway experience to explore the scenic beauty and serene waters of Australia. The ship is equipped with luxurious amenities, including a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and many restaurants and bars. A fun fact about the Coral Princess is that it was the first ship in the Princess Cruises fleet to have an outdoor movie theater, and it features a unique and immersive Movies Under the Stars experience where guests can enjoy blockbuster movies, concerts, and sporting events on a giant screen under the open sky.

3-Night Cruise Sydney to Eden and Back

Spend 3 nights along the Sapphire Coast aboard the Majestic Princess, and allows for a relaxing day at the port of call in Eden, the third-deepest natural harbour in the Southern Hemisphere. The relaxing journey is across the beautiful Sapphire Coast, a stretch of coastline in southeastern Australia known for its stunning scenery and pristine beaches. The Majestic Princess is a truly massive vessel, measuring over 1,000 feet in length and weighing over 140,000 tons. With 19 decks, this ship can accommodate over 3,500 passengers and features a wide variety of amenities and activities, including multiple swimming pools, a casino, a fitness center, and numerous dining and entertainment options. The starting price is $352USD pp ~(AU$535.)

6-Night Cunard Cruise Fremantle to Melbourne

Although at higher cost, ($1099USD pp, ~AU$1639) it is worth considering that renowned Cunard Cruise Line is operating some routes in Australia now. The cruise seen here is a 6-night journey aboard the Queen Elizabeth luxury liner. Departing from Fremantle, Australia, the ship makes its way to Melbourne, with a day’s stop in Adelaide. Cunard Cruise Line has a long and distinguished history dating back to 1839, and is known for its exceptional service, elegant décor, and unique onboard experiences. Named after her Majesty, The Queen Elizabeth is one of three ships in Cunard’s current fleet, and offers a range of luxurious amenities and activities, including fine dining, entertainment, and spa treatments.

3-Night Cruise To The Bahamas from Miami

A tropical getaway awaits you off the coast of Florida in America.  Enjoy 3 nights aboard the Celebrity Cruises Silhouette, visiting Nassau as well as either Key West or Bimini starting at just $162USD (AU$246) per person. Tropical looking Nassau lies on the island of New Providence, with neighboring Paradise Island. A popular cruise-ship stop, it is known for its beaches and coral reefs. It retains many of its colorful British colonial buildings. Don’t forget to check out the pink Government House.

3-Night MSC Mediterranean Cruise

You can journey south for a relaxing holiday in the Mediterranean off picturesque south of France and Italy.  From Genoa to Marseille, Barcelona and back, this 3-night cruise has inside staterooms starting at $119USD pp (~AU$180). The price includes all meals for the entire day. Free coffee, tea, milk, juice and water. There is ample entertainment with featured shows, discos and clubs, lounges and bars. You’ll also have access to fitness facilities, pools, hot tubs, and sports courts.

3-4 Night Royal Caribbean Miami Getaway

This 3 Night Getaway Cruise is sure not to break the bank, starting at just $166 USD (~AU$252) per person, stopping at CocoCay Bahamas.  It and other Carnival Florida cruises leave from either Miami or Port Canaveral, though the cheapest price is out of Miami.  Three are longer versions for 5, 6, or 7 nights departing from places such as South Carolina, Alabama, and Virginia.

6-Night Bermuda Cruise New York

This 6 night cruise will lead you directly to the beautiful and tropical British Island Territory of Bermuda. MSC has free wifi and drinks, plus additional onboard credit for a limited time. Once in Bermuda, potential excursions include a curated tour of the whole island of the Queen’s Commonwealth, or take a walk through the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and see the iconic art pieces in the MasterWorks Art Museum. Starting at $269USD, (~AU$400) passage includes meals, drinks, free wiki and additional promotional onboard credit for a limited time.

In Conclusion

With such attractive pricing on cruises, you really can’t go wrong. All of the major cruise operators have implemented generous policies on rescheduling and cancellation (be sure to check their fine print) in order to assuage customer’s concerns regarding booking now. With new health & safety protocols for your peace of mind and elevated standards of sanitation and cleanliness, you can rest easy. Right now many cruise operators are offering free drinks, WiFi, and gratuities. Some operators are offering free excursions, free specialty dining, and free kids, while other operators are offering discounted airfare packages. This all makes for a rare opportunity to get back out there and enjoy your holiday while keeping more money in your pocket.

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With the end in sight, book a cruise before prices head back to normal, and get your holiday off right and proper.