How To Get A Flagship Smartphone Cheap

It’s been a bad couple of years for cell phone manufacturers due to a global semi-conductor shortage. Fortunately, cell phone manufacturers are getting back on track.  When it comes to cell phones, the big decision for many is “Apple or Android.”  Whether or not you fear “blue bubble” vs. “green bubble” peer pressure, the differences between the two are becoming less and less.  Apple fans may prefer the convenience of iMessage, while Android fans get to enjoy seamless integration of the Google product suite on their phone, including having the much-loved Google Maps instead of the much-loathed Apple Maps in all of their Apps.  Here’s a look at some of the best options right now.


Samsung has a host of options, and is the biggest Android phone manufacturer in the World.  Their flagship phone is the S22, which comes with a 6.1 inch display, while the larger S22+ is 6.6 inch.  Right now, S22 128GB is available for $649.99 unlocked at Best Buy in Phantom Black.  T-Mobile is currently offering Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra for $0 down plus tax, respectively, and it is $0 a month for 24 months (with a new Magneta MAX phone plan).  In contrast, the Verizon version costs $22.22 a month, though they do offer it for free with select old phone trade-ins and a new 5G unlimited plan.  If you want a cheaper Samsung phone, look no further than the A13 5G 64GB, which is currently $99.88 from Walmart.


For the original Android experience, why not get it straight from the horse’s mouth? Google now manufacturers their own Google Pixel branded smartphones, waving goodbye to the unloved Nexus line.  Google’s latest flagship is the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, with Google’s own home-grown Tensor G2 processor.  Best Buy is currently offering Pixel 7 for $100 off, at $499 unlocked.  Verizon has a promotion for a free Google Pixel Watch plus $200 when you buy a Verizon Pixel 7 (online only).  And T-Mobile will give you a Pixel 7 for free with a new Magneta Max phone plan.  If you want a cheaper Pixel, the budget Pixel 6a is your go-to, which is offered for free by Verizon with a new 5G Unlimited Plan, or unlocked for $346.53 at Amazon.


A long time has passed since the Motorola Razr was the coolest phone this side of a Nokia brick, but Motorola has brought it back in new Android phone fashion.  A folding phone with a fully functional touchscreen, the 2nd Gen Razr starts at $599 unlocked right now, which is $800 off its original $1399 starting price.  Motorola also has the Moto Trade In program, which could enable you to get a new Razr for as low as $1.  Carrier promotions are harder to find on the Razr, but a host of lower-priced Motorolas exist, including unlocked full-feature phones as low as $99.


Apple is known for high quality hardware and premium pricing, and the latest iPhones are no exception.  The top of the heap is now the iPhone 14, which starts at $799 for regular, $899 for Plus, $999 for Pro, and $1099 for Pro Max.  Do not despair, however, as there are a host of ways to get an iPhone for less.  First off, Apple themselves offer $40-650 off an iPhone with your trade-in of an older model, so be sure to read up on the details.  Next up, AT&T is running aggressive iPhone promotions, whereby you can get an iPhone 14 for as low as $0 a month with eligible trade in when you have an unlimited plan.  Lastly, if $799-$1,000 is too rich for your blood, Apple now offers the iPhone SE, which offers all of the power of flagship iPhones, but in a (much) smaller package.  The best part about the iPhone SE is the price, which is just $429.

In Conclusion

Be sure to shop around for best new phone pricing combining these various promotions and trade-in deals.  Between manufacturer-direct and carrier incentives, not to mention numerous 3rd party outlets such as Best Buy, Amazon, and Wal-Mart, the potential price you pay for a given phone can be dizzying.  But if you know where to look, you can score a great deal on the latest technology cell phones have to offer.