Mattress Retailers Face Challenging Market: How To Find Deals

The recent economic downturn has been hard on a number of brick-and-mortar retailers, and mattress stores are no exception. The mattress market had already become quite challenging due to the presence of internet mattress startups, driving some traditional retailers into bankruptcy. What this means is that now is a great time to find a deal on a new mattress. Here’s a look at some of your options and how you can score the best deal.

Mattress Firm

Mattress firm has a number of guarantees to ensure you’re a satisfied customer. They have a 120-night “risk-free sleep trial,” and a low-price price-match guarantee. They also offer $0 money down and 0% financing. Mattress Firm is one of the biggest traditional mattress retailers, so if you would prefer to buy your mattress in person, and feel what they are like, it is probably your surest bet to getting exactly what you want. WIth all of these guarantees to make sure you’re a happy customer, Mattress Firm is trying to win your business from the online mattress companies


Casper is the biggest name in town when it comes to the online mattress bonanza. It started it all with its revolutionary Original mattress, now on sale for 15% off, comes in at $931. That might sound like a lot, but its aggressively priced for what you get. It has thousands of perforations in its breathable foam to prevent night sweats while preserving comfort. It also has 3 ergonomic zones to keep your back properly aligned. The Casper mattress comes direct to you from the company, in a box, and has spawned the Youtube sensation of “unboxing” as the mattress fills with air.


Linenspa makes cheap mattresses and sells them on Amazon. Just how good can a mattress that costs $99 be? You would be surprised. We have actually purchased a Linenspa twin mattress for an extra guest bed, and for the price, it is surprisingly not bad. Larger sizes and models cost more (Queen is $192), but they are, by a large margin, the cheapest mattress game in town. Their Gel Foam Twin is $104.99 for a twin and $184.99 for a Queen.

If you’re making a mattress purchase to last you for the next fifteen years, you might think twice, and spend a little more. But if you frequently move or need a mattress to use less frequently, the Linenspa mattresses will more than get the job done — 71,000 Amazon reviews can’t be wrong.


Nectar is another online mattress upstart that takes aim straight at Casper. Their queen mattress is more than $300 cheaper, and also includes a number of extras not included with the Casper, such as pillows, sheets, a mattress protector, and a lifetime warranty. Multiple layers of gel and foam keep you comfortable, and the cover material keeps you cool. With a medium firmness, it is “like sleeping on a cloud.”

In Conclusion

There are a number of other mattress startups which compete with Nectar and Casper, including Leesa, Tuft and Needle, and many others. They all claim to have superior advantages for their respective prices. Whether or not you want to brave going to the store to check out a mattress is a decision you need to think through. You can now find comparable mattresses at the store to the online mattress retailers, and some of them even sell in brick and mortar stores now, such as Purple. If you’re willing to take the plunge with an online retailer, most of the major ones have some sort of money back guarantee after some long number of days (ranging from 100 to 365 days), with free returns and often free return shipping. If you just want the cheapest mattress possible, we recommend the line of Linenspa mattresses on Amazon.