New Cars Enable Americans To Ride In Luxurious Style

Ask anyone who lived through the 1980’s what people thought of cars at the time, and they might not have much good to say. From horrendous South Korean sub-compacts like the Hyundai Excel to America’s Corolla-fighter Chevrolet Celebrity, the 70’s and 80’s were not a good time for cars. Fast forward to today, and cars around the World are better than they’ve ever been. Many foreign manufacturers such as Hyundai and Kia actually make there cars right here in the USA, from Ohio to Alabama. Likewise, many domestic manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors now make vehicles in Canada and Mexico due to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

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The most shocking part about new cars today is just how luxurious they can be. Models like Chevrolet’s Tahoe rival the latest luxury SUVs from BMW, while cars such as the Honda Accord or Acura ILX come as well equipped as the Mercedes E-Class or new Maserati from Italy. In a time where certain car inventories are swelling on dealer lots, you can get an excellent deal on a luxurious new car (keeping in mind that most “cars” sold today are “SUVs”).

According to ForbesWheels, you can get a better deal on a 2020 model than a 2021, if you know where to look. Here’s a look at some of the models with great deals.

Volvo XC40

Right now Volvo is offering the XC40 with lease deals of $335 a month for 36 months with about four grand due at signing. Billed by Car and Driver as “not boring,” the XC40 is a fun SUV to drive, with a few engines to choose from and up to 248 horsepower. Opt for the cool R-Design package, and your family SUV starts to resemble The Terminator a bit, and of course, there is Volvo’s industry-leading safety marks to keep you and your little one safe.

Acura ILX

Acura is offering aggressive lease deals on 2020 models of the ILX, with lease pricing of just $219 a month plus $2799 due at signing. Available gorgeous two-tone interiors and leather seats are available, and the ILX is more luxurious than it is sporty, despite its small size. And being related to the Honda Civic, it drives just as well as the Civic Si model, without the boy-racer look and feel.

Kia Stinger

A relative newcomer to the luxury market, the Kia Stinger is in a bit of a class of its own. Offering up specifications that look more at home on a German luxury sedan than on a Kia, it shatters expectations for what the South Korean automaker can do. Billed as a working man’s Porsche Panamera, its optional twin turbo V6 catapults you you to sixty miles an hour in under five seconds. Starting at around $33,000, right now Kia is offering lease deals of $299 a month with four grand due at signing.

Lexus UX200

The entry level Lexus UX is the more luxurious offspring of a Toyota C-HR and a Toyota Corolla, but don’t let that fool you. Current lease deals are $329 a month with about three thousand due at signing. Lexus is also offering APR’s just under 1% to finance many of its models if you are looking to buy. It drives well, feels sporty, and gets gas mileage well north of the 30mpg mark.

Lincoln Aviator

Though it’s not quite its Navigator big-brother, the Aviator offers a gorgeous blend of luxury, style, and size. With a standard twin-turbo 400 horsepower motor, it is also no slouch, and you’ll easily take even some of the sportier offerings out there off the line. Lincoln is offering .9% APR financing right now, or is leasing for $561 a month plus cash due at signing. If that’s a little too much, consider it’s smaller sibling, the Corsair, which is leasing for for $339 a month plus cash due at signing.

Buick Encore GX

Buick’s entry level luxury SUV starts at just $24,200, and packs a ton of punch for the price. It has a turbocharged motor and a 9 speed automatic transmission so that you can hum down the highway but also zip around town. It’s also leasing right now for $239 a month plus only $800 cash due at signing. The Encore GX comes standard with 18 inch aluminum wheels, wirless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, an 8-inch infotainment system, and Buick’s Driver Confidence back up system.

Cadillac Escalade

One of the luxury SUV’s that started it all (along with the Lincoln Navigator), the Escalade is not cheap. Some models can run near the six figure price point. However, right now Cadillac is offering up to $9500 “purchase allowance” on a 2020 Escalade if you can still find one on the lots.

Other Incentives and Deals To Watch For

Many manufacturers are offering 0% loans for 84 months, with The Fed’s quantitative easing making money stupid cheap.  Also, keep an eye out for deferred payment programs, which can mean you could get into a new truck and not have to make a payment for 3, 4, or even up to 6 months.  Finally, watch for “Employee Pricing For Everyone” events, a favorite of General Motors.  Make sure you search around for the best deal; you might be surprised what you find.

In Conclusion

If you know where to look, you can get a screaming deal on a new luxurious vehicle. With the latest features, such as start-stop engine technology, having a luxury SUV no longer means you have to empty your wallet into the gas tank. So look around, you might be surprised just how affordable the latest vehicles are.