Buy 2 Get 2 Tire Offers Keep Gas Mileage High & Accidents Low

One of the most important ways to maintain your vehicle is by consistently changing your tires. You save more fuel when you keep up with your tires, thus saving more money—something many would appreciate in today’s economy.

This is because older tires tend to drag, which will increase the friction it makes on the road, thus making your vehicle work harder and using up more fuel to move. So staying consistent with the changing of your tires, though an investment, will actually ease the pain in your wallet.

However, the biggest reason you should change your tires comes down to safety. Many people fail to recognize the dangers of worn-out tires until it is too late. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year there are roughly 11,000 automobile accidents caused by tires—leading to more than 600 deaths.

To prevent spending more money at the gas pump, and to keep you and your loved ones safe, it is vital to keep up with changing your tires. Though it seems like a costly investment, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few of the amazing tire deals going on right now.

Discount Tire

Discount Tire currently offers buy 2 get two tires free with their prime installation package.  They are also offering 15% off on all Kumho Tires when ordered online only.  Be sure to check out their complete list of specials for deals on oil changes, brakes, and fuel service to keep your cars fuel economy tip-top.

Evans Tire & Service Centers

Run to your closest Evans Tire & Service Centers store for a fantastic deal on Westlake Tires: buy 2 tires, get 2 free. It is important to note that you have to purchase the installation and tire protection package with your purchase; but it is almost a steal considering it includes tire balancing and a life of servicing agreement—entailing free replacement road hazard warranty, lifetime balance, and lifetime flat repair. The max value for this deal is $225, and you must keep in mind the mandatory $6.50 disposal fee along with the state tax per tire.

Family Auto Service And Tire Center

Family Auto Service‘s buy 2, get 2 free deal gets you a great pair of Westlake tires Their tire package consists of the free replacement road hazard warranty, lifetime balancing of the tires, and lifetime flat repair, with the deal capped at $225. There’s also a disposal fee of $6.50.

Modern Tire And Auto Service

If you wanted to find a deal with more options on tire brands, then Modern Tire And Auto Service might be the way to go. They have a tire deal that’s buy 2, get 2 free with a variety of options on different brands. With a purchase of any two tires from Sailun, Petlas Winter, or Presa Winter, at a regular price, you will get two free! There is an additional standard charge for installation, yet the whole package is worth the price because along with your purchase you have the option to get 5 quarts of Mobil special 5w30 motor oil, a front end alignment, or road hazard protection, again for free.

America’s Tire

America’s Tire has a host of online-only deals, and they also shorten your wait time when you book and buy online.  They have a variety of rebates from $75 for Goodyear to $100 for Continental tires, with a handful of rebates in between.  They also have instant online savings of $70 for Pirelli tires.  If you need new tires fast, America’s tire will be sure to get you in and out quickly with a large network of stores.

In Conclusion

Keeping up with your tire changes is incredibly important for your vehicle. It will save you money in the long run, and it will also save you the hassle of not having to worry about an accident on the road.

Additionally, there are many great deals going on right now on tires. Ignoring them can prove to be costly in the future. It may seem incredibly expensive buying new tires, but if you use any of the deals listed above it will be all worth it. Turning to any of these trusted tire dealers for a big-saving deal will prove to be a fruitful investment for the longevity of your car’s performance and its safety for the occupants and those around it.