Stairlift Solutions For Senior Mobility

Many seniors want to stay in their home as they age, as opposed to moving to a senior home or “55+ community.”  This choice presents challenges, however, especially for seniors in multi-story homes.  Stair lifts are affordable solutions which allow seniors to remain in their home and get up and down the stairs without the enormous expense of retrofitting an elevator.  We’ve curated this list of stairlift companies; be sure to check local installers for best pricing and no-obligation quotes.


Bruno stair lifts have indoor, outdoor, straight and curved applications.  One of the most popular brands, and made in Wisconsin, USA, Bruno stairlifts is a family-owned, veteran-founded company.  No-frills straight starilifts start around $3,800 such as the Elan model per Bruno’s website.  Models that accommodate curves with bells and whistles may start at about $11,000.  Brunco has limited lifetime warranty on indoor stairlifts.  They install right on top of your stair treads and can be easily removed; your home does not need to be modified.  Bruno stair lifts have both battery and AC power models.  Installation only takes 3-4 hours.


Acorn stairlifts offer three models for different applications.  The 130 stairlift is for straight staircases, the 180 is for curved staircases, and the 130 outdoor is for straight use out of doors.  The base model 130 offers a folding foot rest, a seat belt, a backup battery, a remote control, and a diagnostic display.  It fits easily to the stairs and requires no structural home changes. According to the National Council on Aging, Acorn stairlifts start around $3,000 for straight lifts.


AmeriGlide stair lifts offer value-packed options.  The AmeriGlide Rave 2 option starts at $2,095 on clearance plus shipping, per AmeriGlide’s website (sale pricing expiring this Summer).  All-metal case construction is good to withstand wear and tear.  It attaches to the stairs themselves instead of the wall, and works with any 120 volt household power outlet.  A battery reserve makes sure your stair lift works even in the event of a power outage.  A swiveling seat makes it easy to sit down or get up.  Assembled in the USA, the Rave 2 packs a ton of punch into its low price.  AmeriGlide also sells used and reconditioned units starting at $1,499 and $1,999, respectively.  They also offer financing under 7% APR per their website.  Their curved stairlifts start at $7,199 plus shipping for the Infinity model, and $12,440 for the top of the line Rave Curved HD.


Stannah stairlifts offer a variety of applications and fit 99% of staircases.  Easy to use armrest controls make going up and down a breeze, with easy access buttons even for those with arthritis or limited hand range of motion.  The Siena stairlift offers an XL application for up to 350 pounds.  Its longer arms and extra wide seat means peace of mind going up and down.  They also offer low-profile designs for narrow corridors such as basements.  Straight stair lifts from Stannah start at $3,400 per their website; custom curved applications start at $9,000.  Stannah also offers reconditioned options around 20% off new pricing.  Stannah curved applications include heavy weight, those with optional wood trim and different fabrics, and a standing chair option.


This guide is not comprehensive.  Be sure to consider other stairlift makers such as Harmar and Handicare.  Some companies make pricing information difficult to obtain via the internet to try and build value via in-home consultations.  Unfortunately, stairlifts are best applied to stair applications, and provide minimal value with ease of entry to and from the front door of the house if you have a step up; in some cases, moving to a completely flat home may be the best option.  However, if you are a person with limited mobility who needs to traverse many stairs, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each option, and compare multiple installers for the best price.