The Evolving Field Of Psychics & Mediums

Psychics traditionally tried to predict what would happen in the future or help you communicate with the dead.  Today, many psychics, now also called mediums, will help you with their intuitions and positive energy.  This can help you realize what it is you want from life on Earth.  Many of them now call themselves wellness counselors.

Some of this is like borderline psychology; trying to help people to learn to trust their instincts and tap into their energy within.  But many people still do believe in the power of psychic mediums to communicate with the dead, and this can be a powerful tool for people who believe in it, whether or not it can be proved to be true.  This jives with many modernly accepted belief systems and cultures, including Christianity’s belief that our loved ones are always with us in heaven.

While Miss Cleo from 1990’s infomercials might be gone, psychics and mediums are currently a booming business, raking in some $2 billion a year.  Some shady operators have been accused of trying to appear psychic by snooping on social media profiles.  Nonetheless, psychics have existed since the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and shamans in China, and a great many people continue to believe in their powers.  Magic 8 balls and mystics even appear in popular television programming, such as Peaky Blinders, which takes place in 1900s England and focuses on a family of Romanies living in Birmingham.

When it comes to online psychics, many offer surprisingly affordable introductory offers.  Some advertise psychic love readings for only $1.  Other psychics offer to give insight into cheating husbands (and wives).  Some advertise positive energy checkups, and claim to descend from multi-generational lineages of psychics.  Some “clairvoyants” do claim that they can help you see into the future, and offer this service in as little as 10 minutes for introductory rates of $1.95.  Others advertise the first ten minutes for only $5.90.  Be sure to check out the complete psychic directory for a comprehensive list.

Sometimes people need a little help in life.  Sometimes they need encouragement, so you get wildly popular inspirational figures like Tony Robbins.  Other times people need someone to talk to, whether it takes the form of a friend, a psychologist, or a psychic or medium.  Whether or not psychics and mediums can truly achieve the things they claim, sometimes incorrect diagnoses of problems can still lead to treatments which are helpful or help you to feel better.  Problems such as death and loss are hard to deal with, and many people have different ways of grieving.  If you have lost a loved one or a pet, even if we do not know they are up in heaven watching over us, sometimes it helps to grieve to be to talk with them, even if we aren’t sure that they are listening.