How Brits Are Saving Big On TV & Broadband

Right now there are a number of TV and broadband providers offering limited time pricing, and discounts to signup or switch now. Some even offer a cash rebate for signing up. With traditional TV companies offering broadband, and broadband companies offering television programming, not to mention satellite dishes and fibre, there’s a dizzying array of options. We’ll help sort out some of the noise. Not all providers are available in all areas, so be sure to check your local coverage.


Offering broadband internet access from £17.99/month, and the option to add TV and streaming for just £10/month more, CommunityFibre offers a wide variety of packages to help you save money and give you access to the channels you want. CommunityFibre reports that unlike most providers, they build, own and operate their own dedicated fibre optic network with the most advanced technology available to deliver full fibre broadband so you can enjoy the fastest, most reliable broadband connection.

Virgin Media

With some of the fastest fibre speeds in the UK after CommunityFibre, Virgin has offers ranging in price from £25/month for 108Mbps on the lower end, up to £85/month for their fastest plan. Their cheaper plans have reasonable internet speeds, and their pricier plans should be considered if you need some of the fastest fibre around. Their fanciest £85/month package, Gig1 Fibre Broadband, includes fibre speeds of 1130Mbps, 230+ channels with Entertainment, Anytime calls, Netflix Standard and O2 sim.


Serving the UK and Ireland, media giant Sky offers a TV and broadband bundle from £30/month. With a wide coverage area, and reliable service, Sky is a great option for many Brits. Their cheapest bundle package is called Q Lite Superfast Broadband & Sky Q. It offers 250+ Freeview channels and features download speeds of 36Mbps. For £50/month you can get faster internet at 145Mbps, an extra 100 channels including SKY TV channels, as well as complementary Netflix.

BT Group

Formerly British Telecom, BT is responsible for 28 million phone lines in GB, and offers a wide range of services to its customers. offers a 38 channel starter TV package for £10/month. BT has branched into broadband service as well. Some of their best internet packages, like Super Fibre 2, start at £29.99/mo. With reliable performance and easy access, Brits have been trusting BT for years.


ChooseUK has awarded broadband provider NowTV for Best Overall, and Best Value in the broadband category, beating out BT and Sky in certain categories. For £18/month, you can get a beginner broadband and Sky Cinema package, without breaking the bank. For faster service on a budget, consider an internet-only package for £21/month, which has speeds 5x higher. NowTV also offers an entertainment package for £9.99/month. (Prices valid for the first 12 months.)


GigaClear was voted the best rural carrier by ChooseUK. At time of writing, they offer an internet only package from £17/month, and you can stream favourite TV shows and other entertainment over your fast wifi connection. With cheaper breadband options when compared to Sky or BT, you may want to check if GigaClear is in your area.


A list of top providers wouldn’t be complete without Plusnet. Voted #2 overall provider in the UK, Plusnet is a British triple play internet service provider; providing broadband, landline and mobile services. While now under BT ownership, Plusnet maintains a separate set of plans, many of which offer better prices. For base coverage, Plusnet offers an unlimited broadband and phone package from £23.99/month. In certain areas, you can utilise a plan using FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) at the same price, and get speeds up to 66Mb

In Conclusion

There are tons of options for broadband, fibre, TV and entertainment at home. If you just need broadband or fibre and live in a major city, we encourage you to check out CommunityFibre. If you need something including broadband and TV, check out Sky or BT for the most accessible bundles. If price is your largest concern, check to see if NowTV or GigaClear are available in your area. If you want the most channels possible, be sure to investigate the options from Sky or Virgin Media.