Why Many Brits are Getting Great-Paying Driving Jobs

As the country recovers more people are getting back on the road and back to work. The U.K. has now abolished emergency Brexit permits making it easier for delivery drivers to transit with freight. With a shortage exceeding 55,000 driving jobs, transport companies of various kinds are aggressively hiring for local delivery and more. Consumer preference of online shopping and prompt delivery helps to maintain a high demand for ‘last-mile’ drivers as well.

Delivery Driver for Yodel or Shift

Both Yodel and Shift are similar in that they both have competitive earnings potential. Shift focuses on assisting people move their belongings across town, while Yodel is focused on small-parcel delivery services. You can obtain a local work area with both companies. Indeed reports Shift drivers can earn in the neighborhood of £19.49 per hour while Glassdoor reports a similar base pay of £19 per hour with Yodel.

Driving a Lorry or other HGV

While lorry delays across the channel have reduced in recent months, the increased need for delivery drivers, as well as those of HGV remains. The BBC reports shipping lines are operation at full capacity and charging increased rates. Bloomberg reports U.K. freight volumes have bounced back strong, rising almost 57% in February. The current market pressures seem to be dictating lorry driver pay around £40,000- £50,000. Considering the driver shortage, companies are aggressively training and hiring. The required HGV licence is would cost upwards of £5,000 out of pocket, but prospective drivers can now gain their HGV licence at no cost through partnership with companies like CTS that offer the training for free. This arrangement comes with the added potential of gainful employment upon completion.

Drive For a Pet Taxi Service

This one is no joke, and is common in the busy parts of London and other major cities. One such firm from Kingston Upon Thames lists pricing from or to the airport starting at £60 and up, with a greater rate the further the distance. Apparently busy folk or those who don’t have a car may utilize such a service to bring their pets to vet or for other engagements. It is also worth noting that many traditional black cab drivers don’t want dogs in their car. In New York City a similar service reports that Robert De Niro and his Burmese mountain as clients. Janeane Garofalo, Sean “P.Diddy” Combs and Janet Jackson have been customers as well, according to the New York Post.

Driving a Tanker

If you’re driving anything liquid, chances are you’re driving a tanker. Tankers will commonly hold 18,000-38,000 litres, and reach 26-44 tonnes. This is about as much as your average swimming pool. Sometimes your cargo will be hazardous like petrol or liquid nitrogen, so special rules are applied to the manner in which your cargo may be transported. For example, attempts are made to avoid tunnels when they are alternative routes. Due to the extra risks and required precautions inherent to the job, tanker drivers are often very well paid though they may require special licence for LGV or HGV. Many delivery-type jobs will use a smaller vehicle and have lesser requirements.

Newspaper Delivery

By one 1789 Act of George III, it was illegal “for any hawker of any newspaper” to “let out any newspaper for hire to any person or persons”. Clearly this prohibition has ended, and it is a worthwhile position to consider if you wish for short and early hours with decent pay. Walt Disney, Bob Hope, Alan Bean, Warren Buffet, and Tom Cruise all delivered newspapers in their early years. Earnings in some cities can reach £45 daily, which is not bad considering some routes can be completed in less than a couple of hours. Over 20 billion newspapers are published around the globe each year.

Deliver Meals or Groceries

There are a variety of new ways to earn money locally with companies like Beelivery Deliveroo and Uber Eats. Uber even recently launched a new program in the UK called Uber Work Hub which seeks to centralize available driver and delivery jobs. Indeed estimates suggest Deliveroo earnings of £13.96 per hour. Beelivery describes pay of £7 – £20 per delivery. These are excellent earnings considering you get to make your own hours and be your own boss. You will work to deliver carry out from local restaurants and “ghost kitchens.”

Delivery Driver for A Small-Parcel Carrier

Over 80 billion parcels are shipped each year globally, and this number is certain to increase with the rise of online shopping.  (Another fun fact, UPS receives some 294 million tracking requires each year!) CitySprint van driver earnings are £786 per week as indicated by Indeed. Amazon Flex is a similar program for Amazon packages, and provides more flexibility on when you work, hence the name. Reported at £13-15 per hour, you can work when you want, which is great if you just want part-time work, or already have another job. This is in-line with pay from Royal Mail which is also about £14 an hour. Drivers for express delivery start-up Stuart can earn £3,075 per month.

Vehicle Transport Driver

While you may be hauling a Jaguar one day and total rubbish the next, in this line of work you can easily clear upwards of £30,000 annually.  You’ll be responsible for getting the customer’s order to them in a timely manner, and in tip-top shape. Vehicle dealerships are regular customers of this service as well.

Am I Eligible For These Jobs?

You’ll only need a regular driver’s license when driving for most common carriers or the other app-based services. If you got your car driving licence before 1 January 1997, you are clear to operate vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes without additional qualification. If you got your car licence after 1 January 1997, you can operate vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes without additional qualification. For jobs with larger vehicles, a LGV (C1) or HGV licence will typical apply, save for as few exceptions.

What If I Don’t Have a LGV or HGV Driver’s licence?

Generally, all you need is to be is 18 years of age or older, and have a clear driving record recently. As previously mentioned, companies like CTS are recruiting drivers to be trained in their driving school, since they need so many drivers for their own operations. Local driving jobs are also available. We would recommend you do a search. Driving schools will often partner with trucking companies to supply you with truck driver training in conjunction with a job offer. This can even result in being paid to get your license. Be sure to do your research for more details.


There are many exciting options for drivers today, and the current macro factors are resulting in many new job opportunities suitable for all types of drivers, regardless of prior experience or driving record. Working independently with Amazon Flex, Yodel, or Beelivery may provide the most flexibility, and have the lowest barriers to entry. Stepping up to local parcel routes opens up doors for jobs with excellent benefits and consistent hours. Lorry jobs that require a LGV or HGV driver’s licence will generally therefore offer the most consistent earnings and benefits. You can expect good pay, a wide range of benefits, and a high potential for earnings growth the more you bring to the table in the driver world.

Whether you need flexibility, time at home, great pay, reliable benefits, or just part-time work, there’s a potential fit for everyone. Make sure to search around to find the best opportunity for you.