Window Replacement Overview Guide

Windows are something that are often overlooked.  Maybe your windows are extremely difficult to close or open.  Maybe you’re oozing heat out of drafty windows in New England, or perhaps you’re hemorrhaging expensive air conditioning out of cracks in the Arizona desert.  Perhaps you just want to spruce up how things look.  The fact of the matter is that, for many, getting new windows can almost pay for themselves.  With the amount you can save on energy in harsh climates, you may find yourself wondering why you hadn’t replaced your windows sooner.

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Kinds of Windows

The number of styes and material types of windows are very numerous; this is why it’s so hard to just go to Home Depot and get a window screen specifically for your window.  Aluminum windows are the “$” solution.  They are durable and stylish, a practical choice.  They are low maintenance and have a skinny profile.  Vinyl windows are the “$$” choice, resisting heat transfer and condensation.  They do not need to be painted and offer minimal upkeep.  Fiberglass windows are the “$$$” solution.  They are durable and energy efficient.  They are high quality and look like wood, but are made of strong fiberglass. Wood is the “$$$$” solution, The “Rolls-Royce” of windows.  They offer the best insulation from heat or cold, as well as sounds.  They may require painting or proper staining to resist weather and match your home.

Styles of Windows

You may be wondering what is the difference between single and double hung windows, or what are the options for the number of “panes.”  Double hung windows have a top section that can be lowered in addition to the bottom section.  This is thus a popular upgrade for people who have more typical “single hung” window, which has a fixed top section, and then a bottom section that you can move up and down.  Other window styles include sliding, which can go from left to right, as well as casement or awning windows, which can open outward, either vertically or horizontally.  If you have a large house you may already have, or have room for, a “Bay Window”, which may protrude outward in a formation of angles, allowing a lot of light to enter the room.

Number of Panes

Windows typically come in single, double, or triple panes.  This refers to the number of layers of glass.  If you live in an older home, your windows may have only one pane, which can lead to both decreased energy efficiency, as well as more noise.  A frame and spacer holds the layers of glass apart in a double or triple pane window.  Two vs. three panes ultimately comes down to a cost-benefits analysis, which a window installation professional will be able to help you determine.

Window Replacement Promotions

With homeowners upgrading their homes like crazy as more and more people are working from and spending more time at home, there are lots of promotions on window replacement right now, from local vendors to national big box chains.  Lowe’s is currently offering 20% off of a purchase with a new account when you get installation.  You may find even more attractive pricing with local vendors.  Some are advertising 0% APR financing specials this month for up to 48 or even 84 months.  Others have “no sales tax” promotions, where the company pays your sales tax for you.  Others advertise offers of 40% off or 45% off, sometimes with deferred payments for a number of months or years, and oftentimes with zero money down.